Munns Sly Moore Architects is an awarding winning architectural, interiors and urban design practice based in Canberra. Munns Sly Moore Architects has a demonstrated ability to provide its clients with a high level of practical, innovative and professional service and experience in a broad range of project types with expertise in public and educational building design. 

In 1977 Robert Sly purchased the local office of Kevin J Curtin & Partners to form Munns Sly & Associates. Conrad Moore was appointed a Director in 2008, and Erik Innes in 2013 in recognition of their commitment to excellence in client service and design delivery.

Our design methodology is based on collaboration between client and architect.Our projects are based on values - most successfully those shared between us and our clients.  We believe in an architecture which is harmony with its surrounding built and natural environment; one which draws upon historical and sociological references whilst exploring materiality and technology to deliver site specific outcomes that are environmentally and socially responsible, innovative, cost effective and stimulating.